Saturday, July 21, 2012

My tutorial about tuxido/jacket

                          First you need to make cup of coffee :) and find you mojo :) 

  ... her it´s  my made pattern.. it  took some time  to come up with  idea ;) but I really really wont´d to make one from the paper, because would be easy on the fabric :D  

Ok :) lets go!!!
  I cut all the details out .  

  Glue the small details on the lager  paper . 

Let´s check your sewing capability´s  ;) 
 You can do it ! ;) 

 Here´s  how  it looks mine :) quite good, only one mistake :D

Let´s cut out. I´ll look like this. 
Now it´s time to glue all parts together and here we add some embellishment ;)  

This is how it looks after putting together. 

Time  to fastener the buttons.  
It´s  the fun part to ;) 

Great, here  it comes whole picture.

Jacket is completed !!! :D 

I think he looks handsome, elegant  and stylish  :)  
Don´t you ? 

 Thank you very much for having interesting in my works.

And thanks to Maria for making me to do this :)  now I hope to see your version :D you promise , don´t you ?  :D :D 

"The only way of finding the limits of the possible is by going beyond them into the impossible."
Arthur C. Clarke


  1. Oh...SR you are so creative with your work. I really really love them. I don't have a sewing machine but I will try to make them on paper. I will shared with you once I completed. Thank you Thank you again for making a tutorial for me. This is my fav and versatile card....XOXO

  2. Maria I´m glad to here :) and I can´t wait to see your version :) Enjoy crafting ! :)

  3. Vau,vau,vau...busiu ne AS,jei šios versijos neismeginsiu, vyriskiu mane supa daaaaaug...koks fainas atvirukas... iki negaliu. Issami pamokele ...sirdingas ACIU,kad pasidalinai

  4. :) Ilona, na nuostabu, bus labai malonu pamatyti :)

  5. Kaip man su tavimi susisiekt, galvą baigiu pamest beieskodama kontaktu...labai noriu, kad išpildytum mano užgaidą...parašyk man

  6. Negaliu atsižavėti - fantastiška pamokėlė ir nuostabus smokingo siuvinys. Na niekad nenuobodu pas tave apsilankyti. ;)

  7. Neringa , dekui :) zinok, lengva padaryti tai, ka labai noris :)
    Noriu va atviruko - zirnio, gaila liepa jau baiges, nebera laiko atvirukams ;) Malonu kad apsilankei ;)

  8. Kaip zavinga ir ispudinga!

    Bet kas cia ivyko? Kur knopkiniukai? ir skrebukai. Kazka as praleidau....

  9. Aciu aciu,o knopkiniukai issitryne is internetiniu platybiu ;) ir liko tik istorija :)